Founder: Honorable Professor Frank Coleman

Founder: Honorable Professor Frank Coleman
Jul 11, 1890 – Feb 24, 1967

An undergraduate and best friend of Oscar J. Cooper and Edgar A. Love was born in Washington, DC. He matriculated through Washington, DC segregated school system and graduated from M Street High School. He entered Howard University in 1909 and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Howard in 1913. His undergraduate record at Howard was so outstanding that he was appointed a professor and later head of the Physics Department of Howard.

Bro. Coleman went on to pursue further study and received a Master of Science degree from the University of Chicago and took advanced courses at the University of Pennsylvania, completing all the requirements for his Doctorate except the completion of his thesis. When America entered the World War, he joined the army, became the first lieutenant, and served honorably overseas as one of the few black Army officers in World War I. Aside from carrying on his regular work, Brother Coleman was a member of the Boys Committee of the YMCA, a Mason, an American Legionnaire, and a Congregationalist.

Founder Coleman dated, and later married, Mary Edna Brown, one of the Founders of Delta Sigma Theta, creating the beginning of the bond between the Ques and the Deltas. Sealing the early tradition of Brotherly-Sisterly love, Grace Coleman, sister of Omega Founder Frank Coleman was elected Delta president in 1914. In 1929, Anna Johnson Julian, wife of Percy L. Julian (Γ’19) and internationally famous chemist, became the fourth National president of Delta Sigma Theta.

Because of these early strong and significant relationships at Howard, the Deltas chose the purple and gold African violet as their official flower, to further signify their special bond with the Omegas. Traditionally, at the Founders’ Howard University Alpha Chapters, the Ques and the Deltas were brothers and sisters in Greek life. This spread throughout the nation as Delta & Que Chapters were founded on various college campuses. Over the years, Delta & Que Chapters as well as individual Deltas and Ques have retained this brother-sister affinity.

Ω Chapter: Founder Coleman is interred at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Suitland, MD.

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